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The biggest labyrinth in the world.

It’s real so……. and it’s born in Italy, in the green Parmensa valley, near Parma (at Fontanellato).

Thanks to the patronage spirit of Mr Franco Maria RIcci, owner of the publishing house with the same name, after a promise to the great Borges, to host the great collection of art and sculpture of Ricci and promote cultural events…….

from 2004 to 2013 it’s been realized this gigantic structure.

8 hecatres,

3 km of path,

60,000 plants,

30 different varieties,

5 m high,

2,000 square meters of covered surface destinated to a museum, a library, a restaurant, a bookshop, a church and a bar,

a great square area surrounded by porch to host events,

an eight ends star…….

here is……. the dream and the promise of a 74 old man from who we have only to learn…..


here before starting the buildings

and here at the end of works:


the plants are all bambù!

and from this year it’s open to visit.