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Winter solstice.

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Today is the winter solstice, it’s the shortest day and the longest night of the year in the Northern emisphere.

It’s the first day of winter.

Beyond any historical or legendary considerations about its meaning, astronomically today the sun ‘stop’s its slope.

In reality it’s earth that stops its movement on its ellptical step, and climb up again till summer solstice.

For plants this is the first sign of their rebirth, they start very slowly to prepare themselves to a new spring time.

On our hands, we have to plan and program all (in any case the majority) works in the veggie garden, in the bug beds, in the herbs beds. We have to be prepared for the moment in which themperatures (the night ones above all) are right for new sowings, new transplants, for pruning fruits.

From now we have to supervise temperatures of day and night. By a thermometer that record the lowest and the highest themperature during the 24 hours, we will know the trend of this parameter. Reporting them on paper or pc we can make graphics and previsions and understand, as much as possible, when starting with our new sowings in-door.




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