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My veggie garden journals.

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A dear friend of mine, after my considerations about plannig next veggie season, ask me how I manage all about my veggie garden: crop rotations, intercropping, veggie varieties, seeding, trasplanting, treatments, diseases, quantity, harvest, tools, and so on.

Well, I’ve taken the cue from all of these and I’m starting to tell how each year I plan my veggie garden from A to Z……

First of all, either for paper and electronic means, I choose two kind of journal: a weekly display agenda and a blank notebook.

The first will be to take note the to do list and its check on, the second will be to sketch a real layout of garden, where to draw the disposition of veggies, where water pipes pass, the orientation relative to cardinal points, the place of compost and manure, where build the glass house, the areas in shade, totally or partially, and in full sun, size and numbers of beds.

The notebook, taken back-to-front, will be organized in sheets, one for each plant that I ‘ll grow.

The first year will be an attempt: there will not any experiences from the previous years to lead to a particular direction. The further ones, on the contrary, will take advantages from some results gained in the field, either right or wrong they have been.

Here some examples:


Above a kind of sketch for plan.


Above an example of sheet for each veggie.


Above an example of weekly activities: alongside of each one indicate the veggie that I’m refer to. By this kind of agenda I take under control the whole week so to program my activities on time.



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