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This is the rigth period for harvesting hazelnuts.

I don’t poison my trees with chemical potions to fight any kind of insect or microrganism.

So when I start to pick up my nuts often I find these ‘holes’:


These are caused by Balaninus nucum: the famale when nuts are immature and soft, drills the shell by its rostrum and lays one egg indise it, leaving a little hole.


These are  the sign of the presence of dormouse and hazelmouse.

I like to think that they have found home in my garden and so I’m pleasant to share my nuts with them.

Probably you are thinking that different consideration should be done if I produce nuts for market. But I’m firmly sure that it’s best growing quality than quantity: maybe I pick up less nuts than who, in the same surface, figth them by any ways, but I’m sure that my nuts are clear and natural, good for everyone.

Aren’t these thoughts of mine sufficiently to continue on this road? I think so.



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