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Il Maggiolino.

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Melolontha melolontha: il vero maggiolino.

Deve il suo nome al fatto che compare in maggio.

It is the May bug or cockchafer.




It’s about an inch long, has black head and a hairy body under reddish-brown wing cases.

The complete life-cycle cycle is usually 3-4 years.

The grubs are `C’ shaped with six legs and are white with reddish-brown heads.

They hatch from the eggs in about 5-6 weeks and can grow to one and a half inches in length when fully mature.

They can be eaten by rooks, crows and gulls if exposed by plowing.

The grubs live for 3 years under the soil and become pupae at the end of their third summer. Then as adults they stay underground during the winter and come out in the following year.

The adults fly to gather together and mate. Fertilised females fly back from where they emerged and lay their eggs on roots.

Adults are active fliers at dusk. They eat leaves during the night and rest during the day.

Their lifes last about a month, and owls and bats can eat them.



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