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Equisetum arvense.

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Called also field horsetail, it’s a living fossil with its hundres milion years.

It prefers wet and sandy soil or aquatic areas. The stalks come from rhizomes very deeply under the soil and nearly impossible to dig out.

The field horsetail is considered a weed.

It presents two kinds of trunks: one (the below) is fertile and carries spores on ‘strobilis’ without brenches,


the other (the below ne) is steril and green with several branches.


I use it to prepare a  ‘macerate’ to fight Oidium, aphids and mites.

Put 1 kg of fresh Equisetum or 150 g drayed in 10 litros of water for 24 hours. Then filter all the compost, and put it to boil for about 30 minutes. Let it to loose calor and then filter again. Dilute with this proportions: 1:5 that is to be one part in volune of equisetum and five parts in volume of water.

Now you are ready to spray it, possible in a sunny day in the morning.



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