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Planting the Three Sisters.

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By Native American farmers, three sisters gardening has been practiced for hundreds of years.

Corn, pole beans, and squash.

“In late spring, we plant the corn and beans and squash. They’re not just plants- we call them the three sisters. We plant them together, three kinds of seeds in one hole. They want to be together with each other, just as we Indians want to be together with each other. So long as the three sisters are with us we know we will never starve. The Creator sends them to us each year. We celebrate them now. We thank Him for the gift He gives us today and every day.”  Chief Louis Farmer (Onondaga)

Corn, beans, and squash complement each other: corn for grain and carbohydrate, beans for protein, and squash for vitamin A.
The corn provides support for the beans, the beans add the nitrogen to the soil for the corn and the squash vines create a ground cover that keeps the soil moist, the weeds down, and the pests away.
Try this year to grow them.


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