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A project to attract benefical insects in my backyard.

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I’m projecting a rising bed of about 30 square meters, at my home, where grow several kinds of spontaneus plants.

These plants have everyone a specific function for insect life: providing food or shelters, create a natural habitat for eggs and caterpillers, or attract them for pollen.

My insect parkland, as I call it, will be near to my backyard so my veggies will take advantages for the presence of benefical insects to fight their pests.

This is the principle of natural fighting: using natural way to eliminate or limite pest veggie diseases without chemical products.

Our veggies will be more clean and green.

Our health will be improved and boost.

Our soul will be gratfy and reward in looking at the wonderfull world of insects.

Our children will be in contact with a real and in continuos movement world that can only teach them rules and right values.

Step by step, I’ll post my work-in-progress of this project.

If you like my idea go onto:

and share with me this green experience.

For any question add a comment here.

Thank you.



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